Want the best? Work with the best! It’s that simple.
In order to deliver the greatest value to their clients, whether they are buyers, sellers, developers or investors - Hayley & Jason focuses on one thing above all others: the client.

“We have incredibly high expectations for ourselves. The client always comes first, and we keep our clients happy - and coming back to us - through hard work, advocacy, and innovative thinking.” “Our marketing skills, presentation and communication levels are outstanding, as seen in our achievements to date. Don’t settle for second best when selling your biggest asset.
"For a seriously great team, call us now.”

Hayley and Jason form the perfect team of organisation and business nous. Both Aucklanders and proud of it, Hayley and Jason love that their job gets them out into the community and meeting people from all walks of life. Be it a long-term family home, rental investment, first home, executive mansion or lifestyle property, Hayley and Jason can tailor a marketing package to suit you and offer solution based selling options with top results.
Having a strategy is one thing, having the means to execute it is another.

Hayley and Jason maintain a diverse inventory of exclusive listings and have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of potential buyers through their vast online network. They have also built relationships with hundreds of agents throughout New Zealand & Australia. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of their market, Hayley & Jason are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right buyer with the right seller, with remarkable results.