Annabelle Weber


Annabelle has a real zest for life and knows her friendly, approachable and positive personality adds value for both agents and clients in her role as lreceptionist. She describes herself as an enthusiastic person with great communication skills. Annabelle loves meeting and helping people, and says it’s important to focus on the needs of her clients. 

Annabelle prides herself on her great attention to detail, a consistent positive attitude, and naturally, her great smile! She is definitely someone people can relate to. Her former roles have been in retail, hotel reception and even a stint as a flight attendant. Her family is involved in the real estate industry, and she brings this experience to her current role.

“Not only am I the face of the company but how I represent myself as a person is so important. I want my customers to remember me and the experience they have – that goes a long way to build rapport and trust. In short, no matter what, I'll always be that friendly girl willing to help!” she says.