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Claire NguyenBinh

Licensee Salesperson

Claire’s blend of professional skills and focused energy makes it a pleasure for clients to work with her. She particularly loves being able to use her skills to help clients build security and wealth through property, and minimise risk in a challenging market. Living and breathing real estateClaire considers it a privilege to be able to help people make the right decisions, regarding what's often the largest financial investment most of us will ever make. This level-headed focus makes her an especially great agent to work with for sellers and buyers for whom property decisions are more stressful than most – for example, if you’re upsizing or downsizing, investing, or even relocating.

The dynamism and diversity of South Auckland is also something she’s very enthusiastic about, saying, “My work day is never the same: working with people at every stage of their house-buying cycle, exploring land development possibilities, and so many opportunities for everyone.”

The ability to help diverse people find a win-win solution is possibly one of the most important skills in real estate, and this is where Claire’s unique background is a huge asset to you. Her 10 years working in international diplomacy gave her extensive negotiation experience and multicultural perspectives; then she followed this up with five years in commercial leasing. This made her an expert at listening and understanding people’s needs and wants, to negotiate the best outcome possible for her vendors, and an outcome buyers are thrilled with, as well. 

Committed to excellence in all areas of her life, she also has an MBA, in which she graduated with Distinction.

Claire thrives on working to deadlines in a high-pressure environment while remaining calm, and clearly communicates with her clients to support them through the process. She says, “My clients know they can rely on me to be professional and committed to getting the best result for them.”

For an honest and professional discussion about your property journey, call Claire today.

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