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Karthik PulumatiKarthik

Licensee Salesperson

There’s one thing that stands out about Karthik - he takes care of business!

As a top performer in a competitive sector, Karthik brings nearly a decade of proven property management expertise to his residential selling role with Ray White Manukau. Karthik knows the value of helping others and loves sharing his deep knowledge of the real estate market.

Clear and honest communication is essential for building trust, and Karthik’s clients have come to reply upon his straight-forward manner, providing their ease of mind knowing that he’s taking care of everything. 

Karthik knows how to get the best from any listing and enjoys offering tips on getting properties market ready, how to maximise marketing spend, and what’s needed to attain sales success.  His clients and wider networking circles benefit daily from his hard-earned knowledge, marketing and property inspection expertise, all-round ‘street smarts’ and business knowledge built through years of helping people achieve their various property aspirations.

Karthik takes great pride in developing deep working relationships with his clients, many of whom have become long-term friends.  He understands these strong relationships last well beyond the formal occasions when negotiations are concluded, and keys are happily handed over.  His clients report that he focuses on always providing quality, reliable and realistic feedback.  He’s worked with a wide range of customers through many stages; from helping achieve their first tenancies in flats and rentals, through to securing their first homes and later, when they become investors starting larger property portfolios.  

Clients are comfortable and assured under Karthik’s guidance and leadership.  He instils confidence with his wide knowledge, innovative ideas, promptness, attention to every detail, and full commitment to results.  The frenetic pace of the forever-changing real estate market suits his energy-driven personality.  All relevant factors are carefully studied, and his warm personality and property management expertise are meticulously employed toward that final goal of ensuring your journey is the best experience it can be.

When you list your property with Karthik, you’re leaving nothing to chance.  He ensures his complete dedication toward your best outcome – every time.