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KD Chaudhary

Licensee Salesperson


Real estate is part of KD’s heritage. His father was in the business, so KD grew up with an excellent understanding of its challenges along with a deep appreciation of how satisfying it is to help people achieve their property dreams.

Now, with a recently acquired property in South Auckland himself, KD is looking forward to working with local buyers and sellers to help them move into or upwards in this vibrant and exciting area.
His several years' experience in the hospitality industry in India, Australia, and here in New Zealand, including work in five-star hotels, has helped KD develop a high standard of customer service. He is also an experienced social media influencer and online motivational speaker, who has already worked to build a considerable online following. Bringing this valuable experience to real estate, he enjoys making connections with new people and supporting both buyers and sellers at diverse points on their property journeys.

Professional, knowledgeable and keen to support his clients in new ways to succeed, KD is also very interested in the potential of technologies such as video and social media to market property. He is always happy to help sellers explore these options, and discuss if it is right for your property.

Contact KD today for a genuine, friendly discussion about your property goals.