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Kris Khatri

Licensee Salesperson

Kris Khatri is dedicated to providing professional, informative, and caring service to both property owners and buyers. Having arrived in New Zealand as a teenager and embracing the challenges of a new environment, Kris developed a strong foundation for his dynamic career. With a business degree and a background in accounting, he excels in analytical skills and is highly adept with numbers. Coupled with his experience in social services, Kris understands the importance of building and maintaining strong client relationships, seamlessly applying this knowledge to his role in real estate sales.

Committed to fully understanding his clients' needs, Kris ensures they receive the highest level of service when entrusting him with their most valuable assets. With exceptional interpersonal skills and a strategic marketing approach, Kris ensures transparent communication and optimal property exposure. His passion, enthusiasm, and positive attitude drive him to achieve outstanding results. Kris strives to make the sales process effortless and stress-free for his clients, prioritising their satisfaction above all else.