Mabel Mathew

Licensee Salesperson

Mabel is a person who strives to serve her clients wholeheartedly. For both property owners and purchasers wanting to attain property, Mabel understands that everyone’s needs are different.

Her honest approach and ‘can do’ philosophy is the force that drives her to assist people to achieve their property purchasing goals.

Mabel has lived in Manukau for 12 years and loves the vibrant diversity of the city. She speaks English, Hindi, Arabic and a few Indian vernacular languages.

She describes herself as a people person with excellent communication and negotiation skills. This is matched by her dedicated, empathetic and sincere interactions with people. It’s important for Mabel to demonstrate her professional skills by having a sound knowledge of her industry.  Little things are also important, such as being punctual, which shows respect to clients.

Coming from former teaching and middle management roles, Mabel is relishing the opportunity to work in the real estate industry and use her considerable skills in new ways.

Manukau is a great place to live in because of its tremendously diverse demography. Mabel believes that because the population is growing exponentially, real estate is an important service in which vendors need to get the best value out of each transaction.

Not one to hide from a challenge, Mabel believes every new day brings new opportunities. With her real estate work, she wants to serve people and her community wholeheartedly.