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Shane Pillanger

General Manager (360 Property Management)

Shane’s top priority has always been his family. Whether that be his work family or his own, he has always strived to put them first, and give his all to those he cares for. South Auckland born and bred, the importance of family has always been a central part of his upbringing, and has shaped his approach to working with his clients and staff.

With a strong background in customer service and operations management roles, Shane has run operational and national sales teams and excelled in identifying contemporary products, services and solutions that better meet his clients’ needs than the usual tried-and-true models. He also knows that being able to deliver unparalleled service to all stakeholders goes hand-in-hand with creating an amazing work culture for his team.

To this end, Shane joined the Ray White family when he recognised the same level of passion and pride in the 360 Property Management team that he shares. Overseeing operations as General Manager of the rental department, his aim is twofold - to ensure our landlords are well looked after by building strong relationships with them, and to expand the company’s current horizons whilst caring for his staff. 

Shane knows better than most that the ability to listen and truly understand people is at the heart of the property management profession, and that the needs of our stakeholders are paramount. We interact with landlords, tenants and tradespeople on a daily basis, all of whom have different needs and expectations, but who all equally deserve our time, attention to detail and impeccable customer service. Shane is focused on ensuring the team at 360 Property Management meet those needs, exceeds expectations and ultimately care for all of our clients - like family.