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Vanessa Huang

Licensee Salesperson


Vanessa Huang, offering the highest level of permanence, integrity, experience and consistency essential to achieving your property goals.

A small business owner/operator for many years, I bring a wealth of technology, business knowledge and customer service experience to real estate.

With many years of operating in the property market in Auckland, I have worked on more than 1,000 property projects. My unique set of skills equips me with a distinct competitive advantage in the real estate business. With changing real estate trends, it’s more important than ever to trust your property sale to a mature salesperson with a depth of experience. They should also have a positive attitude, sound professionalism, and a compelling track record. I bring all those qualities to the table, and more!

I have an outstanding success rate and will ensure complete professionalism throughout your buying or selling process. My passion for and dedication to property is a thread that runs through so much of my past career. Running my own businesses and conducting countless property projects, is a background that brings a competitive advantage to the sale of your home.  I will clearly identify and effectively market the key attributes of your home so that the right buyer recognises its value and is inspired to act on their urge to purchase.

I have accumulated significant networks and have many trusted relationships across Auckland and further.  My ability to negotiate the best possible price for my vendors is in large part due to my rare wealth of knowledge in the property industry.  I am the new breed of real estate salesperson demonstrating fresh and innovative ideas, outside-the-box marketing ideas and a depth of knowledge seldom found in the industry. My skills are critical if you want your home to stand out from the crowd.

Because not all salespeople are created equal, act now and engage someone who understands your home from the ground up and would consider it an honour to be given the task of presenting it to the wider market. Call me today!

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