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Zeenat Cuttilan

Licensee Salesperson

Zeenat Cuttilan radiates warmth and compassion in her role as a real estate salesperson at Ray White Manukau, drawing from a rich tapestry of experience rooted in care and support. With a heart dedicated to serving others, Zeenat's journey began as a nurturing nurse for over a decade, where she held the hands of those in need with unwavering kindness.

Transitioning seamlessly to education, Zeenat poured her love into her role as the director of a driving school for nine years, specializing in guiding clients, especially those with special needs, with patience and understanding towards achieving their driving dreams. Her tender approach and tailored guidance endeared her to countless hearts within the community.

Now, Zeenat brings her boundless love and empathy to the realm of real estate, where every interaction is infused with genuine care and affection. With a heart that listens intently and a spirit that empathizes deeply, she walks alongside her clients, ensuring their dreams find a home that resonates with their soul.

Zeenat's nurturing nature, coupled with her steadfast dedication and heartfelt communication, forms the cornerstone of her relationships with clients, fostering trust and confidence in every interaction. At Ray White Manukau, Zeenat continues to spread love and joy, transforming the journey of buying or selling a home into a cherished experience filled with care, compassion, and a touch of magic.