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By Alana Saunders
How does your usual day look?
I am off to the gym first thing. It’s addictive. I spend between 60 to 90 minutes each day with participation in a half marathon this summer being the goal.
Then work. Emails and appraisals in the morning with appointments in the afternoon and evening.
Each day at midday I cook my mother, who has just turned 93, her midday meal, which I then have with her.
I live and work mostly, in Conifer Grove, so whenever I am out and about in my charming community please say hello.
How did you start your career in real estate?
My colleague Heather Obern owned a Real Estate office in Manukau some 20 years ago. I was looking for a change at the time and she encouraged me to join Real Estate. Having always worked with people the prospect was attractive. So 17 years later here I happily still am.
What do you enjoy most about being a salesperson at Ray White Manukau? What makes Ray White Manukau different?
Ray White Manukau is owned and run by Adam Thomson. Anyone who has met or dealt with Adam in Real Estate would know the man is the consummate professional. Consequently Adam manages, in my opinion, a most professional Real Estate office. Yes the office takes out honours consistently yet the focus is on customer satisfaction and the drive to improve is endless.
I do believe salespeople are taken to another level altogether in this culture. The confidence when talking to clients and potential clients is a factor for me knowing their property will be placed in a high performing highly progressive environment.
What are your go-to property marketing methods that you present to your clients?
Marketing methods are huge – and they change from property to property, client to client. Creating competition among buyers is vital for my clients sale price and best results are achieved through this. So the more that know about a property, the more the competition among the buyers. Online marketing is increasingly important. And if you are in the South of Auckland, The Manukau Courier is a must. However these only work their own individual magic if professional photography of the highest standard to show the property in its best light is used.
Tell me about a unique success story?
Allen and Olive Wooderson were dear and respected Conifer Grove residents of many years. Allen was one of our local ‘Justices of the Peace.’ We were honored when they asked us to market their waterfront home, 32 Reynard Terrace in Conifer Grove when the time for them to move to a retirement village came. Time was of the essence for a number of reasons. We embarked on a Deadline Sale and in 3 weeks and 2 days we had the home sold unconditionally over and above the current Rateable Value. This enabled Allen and Olive to take this very big step with the minimum of stress and anxiety. This was most pleasurable for my colleague Heather and also myself.
(May I point out here our research shows when comparing sales of similar properties at a similar time Heather and I consistently sell over and above our competitors, something else we are pleased with.)
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