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By Alana Saunders

How does your usual day look? Each day is different, but it typically starts off with a gym workout, then off to the office where I have a variety of activities on any given day, such as prospecting (jumping on the phone or face to face meetings), open home callbacks (Mondays) – I love this because it’s such a good opportunity to A. get more listings or B. help buyers into a property. The day also consists of private inspections on our existing listings, appraisals for potential new business and listing presentations/signings once we’ve won the business.

How did you start your career in real estate? I started in a boutique agency. It was a great learning experience of everything I didn’t want, no systems, no training, no access to data. I lasted just under 6 months there and sold ZERO. Then joined Ray White as I’d been friends with Adam Thomson since I was young, and it was such a contrast working alongside these industry professionals, namely Adam, Jared Hards & Tom Rawson who have helped me tremendously. In that same period, just under 6 months, Jared and I have sold 30+ properties!

What do you enjoy most about being a salesperson with the A T Realty group? What makes them different?  The culture, the positivity, the vibe. Everyone is winning, but also super helpful, it’s not dog eat dog – it’s healthy and friendly. There is also great support staff, (Tina is J & I’s behind the scenes secret weapon – making sure everything is always in check), access to great systems, data, technology and training. The leadership is amazing too, helping us all be at our best, personally investing in each and everyone to help to reach their goals within the industry.

What are your go-to property marketing methods that you present to your clients? In this current market, we’ve had great success using the Auction method, but we’re always open to listen to our vendor’s past experience and run them through all methods to see what they prefer.

Tell me about a unique success story?Too many, but one that stands out was more heartfelt like we ‘saved the day.’ We had a listing, and the vendors had put an offer on another property, then they got cashed out so they had to go unconditional within 3 days, otherwise, they would lose their dream property. We managed to find a buyer, quality them and get them to go unconditional on our vendor’s property within that 3 day period so our vendors could buy the property they fell in love with, everyone won!Another quick one was an auction recently, we had feedback from the market around $1M and the vendors would have accepted just over that, come auction day, we had multiple registered bidders, and with competitive bidders, we were able to get our vendors over 1,160,000 – they were stoked!

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