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By Alana Saunders

If your home is still in summer mode, it’s time to flick the switch to ensure it’s ready to embrace the chillier airs instead. However, you don’t have to break the bank to turn your home into a cosy, winter retreat.

Here’s a little home inspiration to get your living spaces feeling as cosy as can be this winter.

Nothing warms living areas up physically and visually quite like faux fur. The beauty with faux fur is that predominant colours tend to be those in the neutral range, such as creams, light browns and dusky greys. This allows homeowners to easily introduce faux fur into current decor schemes without running the risk of clashing. Whether you want to go all out or inject a small dose, introducing faux fur is incredibly easy.

Here are some of our favourite faux fur ideas:

Cushions: Add a pop of interest to your couch or bed by adding some faux fur cushions. These little doses of fur will add instant warmth and cosiness to any living area and complement a broad range of patterns and colours at the same time.
Throws: While large faux fur throws look great draped over the end of a bed during the winter, many homeowners may be surprised to hear that these coverings can also work in the dining area too. Smaller white faux fur throws swathed over wooden stools or seats give a rustic feel and add an extra element of comfort to ordinary chairs.
Rugs: If you don’t have carpet in your home, rugs are a great way to add comfort underfoot while also adding interest to plain timber floors. During winter, switch out woven straw rugs for fluffy faux fur numbers. With the fire burning in the background, your home will be well on its way to feeling like a snug winter retreat.

The right lighting in winter has the power to bring in added warmth, helping homes feel more inviting and cosy during the darker and colder evenings.

Before selecting the first light fixture or bulb you come across, it’s important to refer back to the Kelvin colour temperature scale. Here, light bulb colour temperature is represented in the unit of temperature.

Lighting used in and around the home usually ranges from 2000K to 6000K, however for the purpose of creating winter ambience, you’ll want to focus on the lower end of the scale. Lighting in the 2000K to 3000K range is what’s known as warm-white, which produces light ranging from mild orange to yellow-white in appearance. This is the best option for creating calm and cosy living spaces, perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Another way to bring a sense of warmth to winter days is by introducing an array of candles and tea lights. Have fun creating your own arrangements with lights varying in size and shape around rooms of the home.

Colour has the ability to influence mood and physiological reactions. For example, the colour blue has been proven to boost creativity, while red has been found to increase attention to detail, according to a study from the University of British Columbia.

If you’re looking to have a colour revamp during the colder months, darker shades should be adopted to give the illusion of sophistication and warmth. Darker hues go hand in hand with colours synonymous with winter, such as oranges, greens and browns. Here’s how you can bring these cosy colours into your home:

Paint: Ready for a revamp? A fresh coat of paint helps make a home feel new and clean, which is just as important during the colder months when homes tend to harbour dust and cobwebs. However, if you don’t have the resources to paint an entire room, it doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action. Introducing accent walls. These allow homeowners to enjoy a dose of their chosen shade without committing to a full scheme. A deep, burnt orange accent wall paired against a predominantly neutral room helps bring interest to a living area – it also ticks off those cosy, winter boxes too!
Artwork: Take the energy out of creating your own colourful expressions by hanging colourful artwork. Try and look for pieces that embody winter colours to add to your theme.
Furnishings: Couches, armchairs, rugs, cushions and ornaments are some of the ways homeowners can bring colour into living spaces. Depending on size and cost, such furnishings can be swapped out when seasons change, too.

Creating a cosy winter retreat is incredibly easy to pull off – trust us, you’ll never want to leave the house!

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