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By Alana Saunders

Wanting the perfect home isn’t unreasonable, but spending a great deal of time and money on renovation projects to get it there isn’t a realistic task for a lot of homeowners.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can update your home that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Here are some of our favourite home improvement projects that cost little, but yield big results!

Option one: Install new lighting fixtures

You’ll be amazed at how new lighting fixtures can transform your home, and thankfully it’s an extremely cost-effective method too – unless you’re choosing to adorn each room in two-foot chandeliers that is!

No matter what style you want your house to embody, you can bet there’s a lighting accessory to match. Creating a more industrial and raw space? Drop pendants are the perfect option, while mid-century floor lamps are great for homeowners choosing to emulate Scandi styling.

The lighting fixture style you choose will either act as a subtle addition to your current decor scheme or make its own statement. Additionally, if you choose something that is more flamboyant and ornate, you should expect your cost to be a lot higher than opting for a light fixture that is simpler.

Take your lighting to the next level by installing a dimmer device so you can change the ambience whenever you like. This option also reduces the amount of energy used, helping you save and allowing you to run a more sustainable home.

What do you need to install new lighting fixtures? 

  • Lighting fixture/s of your choice.
  • Correct bulbs.
  • Basic tools if securing is needed (hammer, drill, screws, spirit level).

Estimated cost: On average, attractive lighting fixtures can range anywhere from $60-$250, but of course you may be willing to pay more if your budget allows or you may have found a second hand gem that is perfect for your home.

No matter what style you want your house to embody, you can bet there’s a lighting accessory to match.

Option two: Never underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint

Ready to make a new house feel more like your home? Painting the walls is the easiest and most effective way to do so, and it doesn’t cost the earth – especially when done yourself. Opting for soft pastel colours in slight shade variations is a great starting point, helping create calm and cohesive rooms around the home.

Alternatively, if you’re getting ready to sell, a fresh coat of paint can make a great first impression to prospective buyers as it can instantly make your home appear new and cleaner. Just remember to keep the colour scheme fairly neutral and warming. This way, your home will feel welcoming and help buyers envision your home as a blank canvas, ready for them to add their own decorating touches and furnishings.

What you need to complete this project:

  • Paint
  • Rollers/brush
  • Ladder
  • Protective floor covering

Estimated cost: Depending on the brand, a four litre can of low sheen interior paint can cost anywhere between $35-$75.

Option three: Place emphasis on creating curb appeal

Prospective buyers will first judge your home on its exteriors – after all, it’s the first thing they’ll see when they arrive. Therefore, to prevent harming your auction results and to generate the best first impression, your home’s facade must be well maintained and attractive.

Add curb appeal by making a few of the following updates:

  • Give life to an old and dirty door by sanding and adding a coat of weather-resistant outdoor paint.
  • Tidy up outdoor paving to make the entryway to your home more inviting. Adding small and colourful plants is an appealing way to add interest to lifeless patio paths.
  • Get garden beds into shape by removing weeds, trimming back overgrown plants and adding pops of colour to break up masses of green.

Materials needed:

  • Garden tools.
  • Range of plants.
  • Exterior paint.

Estimated cost: For smaller garden projects, homeowners can expect to pay as little as $100, while painting and path renovations can cost a little more depending on your project.

To prevent harming your auction results and to generate the best first impression, your exteriors must be well maintained and attractive.

Option four: Switch out cabinet hardware in the kitchen

When it comes to selling your home, the one room that buyers place the highest value on is the kitchen.

Everyone wants a large, bright, airy kitchen that the family can sit in to eat breakfast, and preferably with a view out to the garden.

However, many homeowners may not have the budget lying around to spend on a complete kitchen transformation, so they must look to smaller methods to get the look for less.

This can be as simple as switching out old hardware on kitchen cabinets. With minimal effort and funds you can create an aesthetic change with maximum impact. There are endless styles, colours and sizes available for purchase, giving homeowners the chance to have a little fun adding personality to old or plain cabinets.

Materials needed:

  • Cabinet hardware.
  • Screwdrivers and screws.

Estimated cost: Depending on the design and brand, cabinetry hardware can cost as little as $10!

Making small updates to your living spaces are great and easy ways to transform your home into a more appealing area that the whole family will enjoy spending time in.

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