ByAlana Saunders

The real estate market shows no signs of slowing in South Auckland, with the A T Realty group (Ray White Manukau, Manurewa & Mangere Bridge) signing a record number of sales this month. There were 80 sales signed up in September totaling $70 million, which exceeds the previous record by 15%. The previous record was set in October 2018.

A T Realty managing director Adam Thomson says that the figure is testament to the fact the market is far from cooling.

“In fact, there has never been a better time to buy or sell, with favourable finance conditions including low interest rates and a multitude of great properties on offer for first home buyers, investors and developers.”

Adam also notes that the high performance of agents within the A T Realty group is driving the success.

“Our agents really go above and beyond for their clients which, at the end of the day, results in a sold property for an excellent price.”

This sales result comes off the back of A T Realty’s significant haul at the national Ray White awards this month.

Office awards won included Number One New Zealand office for growth 2018/2019, as well as an international award for customer experience. A T Realty is one of the only real estate offices in New Zealand to have a dedicated customer care division and believe the customer experience created will shape the future for real estate businesses.

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